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  Subdivision Name Book - Page Township Range Section NE NW SE SW Record Date
  RIVERSIDE HARBOR 4TH ADD F-379A  50N04W07     5/28/1992 
  RIVERSIDE HARBOR 6TH ADD G-027  50N04W07     12/14/1992 
  RIVERSIDE HARBOR 6TH ADD G-027A  50N04W07     12/14/1992 
  SUMMERSET RIDGE - PTN OF GOVT LT 8 G-418  50N04W07    11/7/1996 
  SUMMERSET RIDGE - PTN OF GOVT LT 8 G-418A  50N04W07    11/7/1996 
  RIVERSIDE HARBOR 7TH AD G-069  50N04W07     7/19/1993 
  RIVERSIDE HARBOR 7TH AD G-069A  50N04W07     7/19/1993 
  JORGENSON ESTATES I-084  50N04W07      9/10/1998 
  JORGENSON ESTATES I-084A  50N04W07      9/10/1998 
  HARBOR ISLAND 1ST ADD D-160  50N04W07      8/16/1961 
  RIVERSIDE HARBOR 9TH AD- G-310  50N04W07     11/13/1995 
  HARBOR ISLAND ADD - FINAL PLAT D-101  50N04W07     6/25/1957 
  HARBOR ISLAND ADD - D-101  50N04W08     6/25/1957 
  MARWOOD EST - G-245  50N04W08     5/12/1995 
  MARWOOD EST- G-245A  50N04W08     5/12/1995 
  HARBOR ISLAND SECOND ADD - E-099  50N04W08     4/13/1970 
  RIVERS INLET, FIRST ADDITION - REPLAT LOT 5. PT GL 8 I-064  50N04W09      7/20/1998 
  RIVERS INLET, FIRST ADDITION - REPLAT LOT 5. PT GL 8 I-064A  50N04W09      7/20/1998 
  RIVERS INLET SUB F-347A  50N04W09      1/8/1992 
  KAR- LES- SUE - E-089  50N04W10      1/15/1970 
  BOULEVARD ADD F-194  50N04W10     11/25/1986 
  SKY BLUE ACRES D-158A  50N04W10      7/27/1961 
  FORT SHERMAN ABONDONED MIL RES- SECS 10 - 15 B-153A  50N04W10       
  RIVERSIDE PARK ADD - B-138  50N04W10     6/20/1907 
  SUB OF LTS FOUR & FIVE TRACT B OF LOT 13 - B-127  50N04W11      3/8/1907 
  COLLEGE ADD TO CD'A - LOT 21 B-118  50N04W11      12/13/1906 
  EAST LA CROSSE - B-119  50N04W11      1/17/1907 
  COLLEGE HEIGHTS B-111  50N04W11      11/30/1906 
  BRATTON GARDEN TRACT - LOT 20 B-116  50N04W11      12/26/1906 
  COTMAN GARDEN TRACT - B-103  50N04W11    8/21/1906 
  SUBDIVISION OF LOT 19 - B-104  50N04W11      9/5/1906 
  SHOWING TRACT "B" B-067  50N04W11      12/1/1905 
  ALLEN'S SUB- PT OF LOT 18 D-004  50N04W11      12/12/1949 
  BROWN'S SUB D-005  50N04W11      12/12/1949 
  THORNTONS SUB D-017  50N04W11     9/22/1950 
  ROBINS ADD - C-211  50N04W11     4/7/1947 
  KOOTENAI ADD - C-008  50N04W11     5/21/1908 
  IRONWOOD PRO PLAZA CONDOMINIUM I-274  50N04W11     4/23/2001 
  IRONWOOD PRO PLAZA CONDOMINIUM I-274A  50N04W11     4/23/2001 
  IRONWOOD PRO PLAZA CONDOMINIUM I-274B  50N04W11     4/23/2001 
  IRONWOOD PRO PLAZA CONDOMINIUM I-274C  50N04W11     4/23/2001 
  IRONWOOD PRO PLAZA CONDOMINIUM I-274D  50N04W11     4/23/2001 
  IRONWOOD PRO PLAZA CONDOMINIUM I-274E  50N04W11     4/23/2001 
  SHILO INNS F-254  50N04W11      2/23/1990 
  SHILO INNS- SUB OF GVT LT 4 F-254A  50N04W11      2/23/1990 
  IRONWOOD NORTH PARTNERSHIP F-255  50N04W11     3/6/1990 
  IRONWOOD NORTH PARTNERSHIP F-255A  50N04W11     3/6/1990 
  IRONWOOD OFFICE PARK 1ST ADD F-247  50N04W11      10/24/1989 
  IRONWOOD OFFICE PARK 1ST ADD F-247A  50N04W11      10/24/1989 

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