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  Subdivision Name Book - Page Township Range Section NE NW SE SW Record Date
  A.B.P. ACRES- IDAHO CODE PLAT G-394A  50N03W16     7/22/1996 
  CEDAR GLEN - TX # 13039 G-401  50N03W17     8/14/1996 
  CEDAR GLEN - TX # 13039 G-401A  50N03W17     8/14/1996 
  BIENCOURT HOMES- PTN GVT LT 1 G-371  50N03W17     6/3/1996 
  BIENCOURT HOMES- PTN GVT LT 1 G-371A  50N03W17     6/3/1996 
  DAVID J CARPENTER SUBDIVISION PT GL 4 I-117  50N03W17      1/22/1999 
  DAVID J CARPENTER SUBDIVISION PT GL 4 I-117A  50N03W17      1/22/1999 
  FERNAN LAKE TERRACE FIRST ADD E-244  50N03W17     6/29/1977 
  FERNAN LAKE TERRACE FIRST ADD E-244A  50N03W17     6/29/1977 
  PHIPPEN'S ADD F-176  50N03W17     6/2/1986 
  FERNAN HILL EST F-197  50N03W17    12/30/1986 
  FERNAN HILL EST F-197A  50N03W17    12/30/1986 
  POWERS 1ST ADD F-251  50N03W17      2/9/1990 
  POWERS 1ST ADD F-251A  50N03W17      2/9/1990 
  FERNAN HILL EST 1ST ADD F-321  50N03W17     7/29/1991 
  FERNANHILL EST 1ST ADD F-321A  50N03W17     7/29/1991 
  ALBERT HOLM EST 1ST ADD F-277  50N03W17    8/30/1990 
  ALBERT HOLM EST 1ST ADD F-277A  50N03W17    8/30/1990 
  THEIS SUB - BLKS 2 - 6 D-069  50N03W17     3/23/1955 
  THEIS SUB - D-058  50N03W17     9/22/1954 
  WWP HIGH TENSION LINE C-151  50N03W17    1/31/1930 
  SHAHAB ADD G-019  50N03W17      11/9/1992 
  SHAHAB ADD G-019A  50N03W17      11/9/1992 
  SCHWARTZ ADD F-382  50N03W17      6/8/1992 
  SCHWARTZ ADD F-382A  50N03W17      6/8/1992 
  MORRISON'S ADD TO CD'A G-037  50N03W18     2/26/1993 
  MORRISON'S ADD TO CD'A G-037A  50N03W18     2/26/1993 
  WWP HIGH TENSION LINE C-151  50N03W18     1/31/1930 
  CHERRY HEIGHTS E-009  50N03W18     11/2/1964 
  EAST LAWN ADD- D-063  50N03W18     12/8/1954 
  THEIS SUB - D-069  50N03W18     3/23/1955 
  FERNAN LAKE TERRACE - E-242  50N03W18     6/10/1977 
  COSTELL0'S PARK ADD B-145  50N03W18     10/9/1907 
  SANDER'S PARK ADD TO THETOWN OF CD'A B-109  50N03W18     10/5/1906 
  EAST END ADD - B-126  50N03W18     4/16/1907 
  COSTELLO'S ACRE TRACTS - FIRST ADD C-136  50N03W18      12/11/1922 
  SPRING WATER ADD A-123  50N03W18     6/16/1903 
  WILLIAMS PARK ADD TO THE TOWN OF CD'A - A-129  50N03W18     6/13/1903 
  STETLER'S ADD - B-015  50N03W18     8/9/1903 
  SECAUR'S SUB OF TRACT 6 COSTELLO'S ACRE TRACTS C-148  50N03W18     4/28/1927 
  COSTELLO'S ACRE TRACTS C-133  50N03W18     5/10/1922 
  COSTELLO'S ACRE TRACTS - SECOND ADD - C-139  50N03W18     7/20/1923 
  COSTELLO'S ACRE TRACTS THIRD ADD - C-140  50N03W18     7/18/1923 
  FOSS ADD D-099  50N03W18     4/12/1957 
  HILGREN'S HILLVIEW ADD - D-090  50N03W18     6/21/1956 
  THEIS SUB - BLK 1 D-058  50N03W18     9/22/1954 
  ENGLISH SUB - D-059  50N03W18     9/22/1954 
  MORSE'S SUB-DIVISION D-003  50N03W18      1/25/1950 
  LEE'S LANE ADD - REPLAT LT 2 BLK 1TWB SUB I-016  50N03W18     1/16/1998 
  LEE'S LANE ADD - REPLAT LT 2 BLK 1TWB SUB I-016A  50N03W18     1/16/1998 

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